About Us

"In a London that in the course of its history has never feared to exhibit excesses and provocations, SHIFTING combines the ability of renewal of the English capital, harmonizing it with the recognized creativity and craftsmanship of Italian manufacturing in clothing. London is a stage in constant movement, a multiracial agora capable of continuously developing unexplored aesthetic territories. From this cultural archipelago, where creative disciplines and unique professional and life experiences are intertwined, the desire to excite takes shape and is characterized, which wants to be, together with authenticity, the distinctive character of the brand”

“In a world where the concept of fashion is radical and in continuous mutation, SHIFTING points out the contaminations with other arts, continuously develops the culture of curiosity, makes out of Sustainability, Recycling, Transparency and Solidarity not just fashionable words in the literal sense of, the term, but rather its own DNA capable of developing a fashion system not impacting the environment by offering its public the total transparency on every product of the brand."

Alessandro Valle